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Wholesale overstock clearance offer for 42W LED panels, exclusively available for LEDLuxor customers and newsletter subscribers, only as long as stocks lasts!

Buy premium quality 42W LED lighting panels from our seasonal overstock to leading wholesale conditions. You help us clear out our excess summer inventory, and we help you save money & benefit from amazing factory direct wholesale prices!

You really need to take a closer look at this LED panel wholesale offer:

Wholesale Clearance Sale of High Quality LED Panel Lights

Just in time for the upcoming...

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Wholesale Electronics Factory Direct by OEM Manufacturers

Earlier on this summer, and created in cooperation between the original GigaREX™ team together with their new colleagues from MemoTrek Group and LEDLuxor Lighting, a revised corporate GigaREX™ website was successfully launched and is now in full operation.

You can visit the site here at Wholesale Electronics Factory Direct by GigaREX™

You know us, and for sure we've been sitting together again and designing and implementing a new unit of elegantly, simplistic, stable and highly effective...

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LED Tube Lights Wholesale Directly from LEDLuxor Manufacturers

Your leading LED wholesale supplier of energy-saving lighting systems directly from certified LEDLuxor manufacturers now also offers a wide range of high-performance professional LED light tubes wholesale.

Featuring a product warranty and the guarantee that all our LED tube lights are of market leading quality, we empower you to maximize your ROI and start to benefit from the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting technology, and this as early as possible so that you soon can start saving...

Bright Outlook & Rapid Growth in LED Wholesale Market Demand

As you may already know, massive cost-reductions in packaging and optimization of the LED manufacturing processes are about to significantly improve LED wholesale prices and help LED lighting gain a wide market acceptance in the next years and a strong boost in global industry sales turnover are expected.

Because price reductions benefit the entire supply chain from original manufacturers through wholesale distributors and up to the commercial end-consumer with immediate effect, market...

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Top Reasons Why You Should Choose Energy-Saving LED Light Bulbs

LED light bulbs are currently about to take over the lighting technology market by storm. And this with good reasons, because as you know, LED bulbs are a far more energy efficient, more environmentally friendly and also a cost-saving alternative to the old conventional incandescent and CFL light bulbs.

These are also the main reasons for both private and public transformations and upgrading of residential and commercial lighting technology systems to LED illumination. But are you aware of...

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How to Purchase the Perfect LED Light Bulbs Wholesale by LEDLuxor

Purchasing your LED light bulbs wholesale is a sustainable and cost-saving investment for your future. So let us take a closer look at how you can make sure that you buy the perfect LED light bulbs for yourself or your business and benefit from your buying decision for many years to come.

Because of the high efficiency of LED lighting technologies, LED light bulbs have transformed the lighting culture across the globe. Using up to 80-90% less energy than conventional incandescent lights,...

LED lighting soon to replace traditional lighting

LED illumination is a fresh technology branch that is expected to undergo significant growths during the next years, as the advantages of this amazingly clean and energy saving technology becomes more obvious to the general public worldwide and in the every day life and in the form of helpful and money-saving applications.

Because several of the big technology companies invest substantial amounts of funds into research and development of new and innovative LED technology and new LED applications, future...