LED Tube Lights T8 27W 150cm TubeLuxor

LED Tube Lights T8 27W 150cm TubeLuxor
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LED Tube Light T8 120cm with 14W High Performance LED Chips

Looking for a bright way to light up larger spaces? LED tube lights are the ideal lighting solution for indoor and outdoor spaces and are especially popular for working purposes due to their high efficiency and excellent light output as well as brightness.

This LED tube light runs on only 14W whilst emitting 1250-1300 lumens. To put this into perspective, an incandescent light tube would require at least 75W for a luminous flux this high. It goes without saying that your LED tube light is substantially more efficient! It produces the same level of brightness of either warm or cool light than traditional lighting systems while running on only a fraction of its energy and saving you up to 80% on your electricity bills!

LED tube lights are not only very easy to install but are even easier to maintain as they will light up your dedicated spaces for up to 50,000 hours!

Regardless of whether you prefer warm white or cool white light, your vision will be clear and your lighting experience will be unforgettable. Whereas white light may be preferred for many office settings as well as commercial and outdoor spaces, the warm light is known for its cozy vibe and more frequently installed in homes and used for residential settings and purposes.

This 120cm long LED light tube will be sure to save you those dollars, save the planet's resources and keep you confident that you'll be able to shine up your surrounding for many years to come!

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Lamp Power
27W Lamp power of 27W equalling the brightness of a 135W-200W conventional light bulb
Luminous Flux
2600-2700 lumen Luminous flux of 2600 lumen to 2700 lumen
Milky or clear Both milky and clear covers available
LED Chips
150x SMD2835 LED Using 150 units of high-performance SMD2835 LED chips
Operating Voltage
AC85-264V 50/60Hz
 Standard Operating Voltage: AC85-264V 50/60Hz

Color Temperature
2800-3200K warm white 5500-6500K cool white Two main variations of color temperature are available: 2800-3200K warm & 5500-6500K cool white
Beam Angle
120º Lighting beam angle of 120º
Operating Temperature
-20 to +40 degrees Celsius Operating and fully functional in both hot and cold settings
up to 50,000 hours LED lighting is up to 80% more cost-efficient and comes with an amazingly long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.
24 Months Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty valid for 24 Months
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