LED Tube Lights Wholesale from Manufacturers

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LED Tube Lights Wholesale from LEDLuxor

LED Tube Lights Wholesale Directly from LEDLuxor Manufacturers

Your leading LED wholesale supplier of energy-saving lighting systems directly from certified LEDLuxor manufacturers now also offers a wide range of high-performance professional LED light tubes wholesale.

Featuring a product warranty and the guarantee that all our LED tube lights are of market leading quality, we empower you to maximize your ROI and start to benefit from the energy-saving advantages of LED lighting technology, and this as early as possible so that you soon can start saving money on electricity bills.

All LED tube lights are covered by our Warranty Policy that offers a limited 24 months manufacturers warranty.

The LEDLuxor customer support staff is dedicated to making sure you receive both the best LED tube lights on the market as well as premium service targeted at corporate customers, and we are confident that the quality of our T8 LED tube lights meet the highest industry standards of today's LED technology. 

LED Tube Lights Wholesale Advantages

T8 LED Tube Lights Wholesale from LEDLuxorAs the LED lighting revolution is taking over the lighting market by storm, many customers and partners are already aware of the environmental, financial and personal benefits of LED tube lights.

However, some clients may still wonder to what extent their investments in LED tube lights will be rewarded. The answer to this question is long because the benefits of LED tube light technology are extensive. Here is a brief overview of the main benefits you get from LED tube lights:

LED tube light technology systems are the best way to ensure a sustainable and energy saving upgrade from your traditional lighting installments whilst guaranteeing a bright lighting quality.

The applications and possibilities of LED tube lights are endless and regardless of your personal or corporate needs, you can trust this environmentally friendly solution to brighten up your desired space for up to 50,000 hours and help you save significant money on your electricity and utilities bills.

Benefits of LED tube lights are that these lighting solutions operate at a higher efficiency, are more sustainable, require less maintenance and have a far longer lifetime than other traditional lighting systems.

In addition, the light quality of LED tube lights is often said to be more comfortable and harmonious for the eyes and health due to the calming light type they emit in comparison to other light tube systems.

For our corporate wholesale customers who pay special attention to environmentally friendly products and to decreasing their company's carbon footprint, LEDLuxor Illumination Group's LED tube lights are especially interesting. Whereas other traditional lighting systems contain mercury and other harmful chemicals, LED tube lights at LEDLuxor produce 100% clean light, helping you do your part for the environment and assisting in keeping your business' social corporate responsibility in tact.

In addition, whereas your old fluorescent light tubes require a few seconds to fully light up upon connecting them to power, another benefit of LED tube lights is that the light is emitted at full power immediately as soon as they are connected to the socket and you turn on the power switch.

At the same time, instead of your light tubes just suddenly switching off when their lifetime has ended, like with other alternative lighting methods, LED light tubes will very slowly decrease in brightness before their lifetime of up to 50,000 hours is over, giving you the chance and preparation time needed to install a new light tube before its lifetime ends: With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, you are sure that this will take a while!

LED Tube Lights Wholesale from LEDLuxor: Easy as 1, 2, 3

Because LED tube lights use the same light socket as fluorescent light tubes do, your upgrade is easy:

Firstly, find out which type of light socket you previously used for your light tubes and take note of the size which should be either a T8 or a T5 model. Whichever socket you used in the past will also work for your new, efficient and sustainable LED light tube upgrade.

Installment of LED tube lights is therefore swift and easy and requires absolutely no special technical abilities. 

Secondly, remember to check the amount of space you have available for your LED tube light and choose the length of your LED Luxor tubes accordingly. We have a large range of wholesale LED tube lights on offer so you have the free choice ranging between 60cm and 180cm.

LED Tube Lights TubeBlaze Wholesale by LEDLuxorOur best selling models include models such as the energy-saving 16W 120cm LED Tube Light TubeLuxorizer or the more powerful high-perfomance T8 26W 120 cm TubeBlaze Pro.

Thirdly, think about how many Watts you would like your LED tube light to use, and how bright you require the light to be:

At LED Luxor, we offer models varying from 8W to 26W so your pick is certain to be amongst our range! Keep in mind that even a lower Watt count such as the 8W models on offer produce excellent quality of light and brightness of up to 750 lumens:

Gone are the days where low energy means low light output thanks to the revolutionary, cost-saving and energy efficient new LED lighting technology.

Finally, we at LEDLuxor want to be sure you receive exactly the LED tube lights you want and that suits your preferences and needs perfectly: Therefore, we offer high-quality LED tube lights with each product giving you the choice between milky or clear cover. Depending on your personal taste and your installment setting, you may decide to opt for milky covers for your inside or office space, whereas the clear covers might be more convenient for large halls in your commercial setting or for outside purposes.

Take note that although the LED tube lights are the same except for the cover type, a clear cover emits a slightly higher luminous flux in comparison with the more subtle milky cover type. The choice is all yours!

In order to ensure that your LED tube lights are optimal for your personal and corporate preferences, we also offer the choice between warm or cool light. This option is relatively self-explanatory and is created especially so that our customers receive exactly the ambiance they are looking for from their tube lights!

Our friendly sales staff is committed to making you feel at home here, at LEDLuxor Illumination Group and our goal is to ensure you receive the best service and most perfect LED tube light solution there is.

Feel free to contact us for further assistance regarding your LED tube light upgrades and our support team will gladly help you with more advice on how to optimize your purchases!

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