OEM Manufacturing: Brand Your LED Lighting

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OEM Manufacturing of LED Lighting

OEM Manufacturing from Your Leading LED Lighting Wholesale Supplier

OEM manufacturing for LED lighting products is a business service that LEDLuxor is happy to offer our partners across the globe as it not only helps you to sell our high-quality market-leading LED lighting technology under your company's brand name, but also because it is our primary mission to promote eco-friendly and sustainable energy products.

Working together we'll be able to achieve more!

In trusting your LED experts to provide you with the products and services you deserve, you are giving us the opportunity to live up to our respectable reputation and help you grow your LED lighting business as well as your wholesale supply-chain capabilities.

Benefits of OEM Manufacturing at LEDLuxor

Your company may benefit from our OEM manufacturing services for LED lighting in two ways:

For one, we are ale to offer professional manufacturing services for a large variety of products as manufacturers by our respectable ISO9001 certified LED suppliers, based in the LED manufacturing hub of Shenzhen.

Through our cooperation with these market-leading LED manufacturers, we are able to guarantee best possible premium quality for your desired LED products and thereby empower you to grow your LED wholesale business.

Secondly, due to our convenient and ideally located headquarters in Shenzhen, you are able to rely on our services for the sourcing of your LED lighting technologies should they be especially requested and not present in our current wide selection of products by using our LED lighting sourcing services.

When taking us up on the offer of letting us help you to find the product you would like to resell, you are deciding to opt for reliability, dedication and for the expert knowledge of our designated LEDLuxor staff. 

3 Types of OEM labels for your LED lighting products

You and your company are looking for an ideal match between your LED lighting products and your corporate identity, and in order to improve your sales and market share for LED illumination products.

We take care of your LED products' customization for you in that we offer a variety of labeling options - all you need to do is choose which logo branding is most appealing to your and your company and leave the rest to us! Let's take a closer look at the most commonly used branding methods for LED lighting:

1. Adhesive Labels

Your first option is to brand your desired LED products with adhesive labels. These are easily manufactured with your company logo exactly the way you present it, and holds no quantity requirement, meaning we will take care of your adhesive labels for any number of products you would like to order.

2. Screen Print

Your second option, which is not at all mutually exclusive to the adhesive labeling, is to have your company logo printed directly on the screen of the LED lighting product of your choice.

This is a particularly effective branding strategy if you would like your order to become aesthetically completely identical to your corporate identity. As customized screen printing requires a certain procedure, we offer this service for wholesale orders starting from 500 units or more.

3. Laser Engraving

Your third option to help you customized your LED lighting products is that you may choose to have your logo laser engraved directly onto your lighting of choice.

This is a particularly popular choice of customization for most of our products, as the laser engraving is suitable for our entire product range and allows you to let the quality of the internal technology reflect on its outside. For laser engraving, we charge a US$ 0.20 per unit in order to cover the external costs involved.

We guarantee, as with all the products in our range, that your screen-printed logo will be aesthetically as well as qualitatively pleasing and in order to render your corporate brand in an attractive way.

When deciding for the labeling type that is most suitable for you and your corporate identity, please take into consideration that as OEM/ODM manufacturing cooperations are usually of a stable and long-term nature, we state the above prices with a degree of flexibility and are, as with all our orders and customers, always open for discussion in order to optimize your  benefits.

Depending on the order volume and the nature and dimension of cooperation you are targeting with LEDLuxor, various solutions may be possible and feasible for your wholesale orders. Please remember that we are always willing to make sure you receive the service you came here for.

Therefore, we encourage you to contact our friendly sales team directly to let us know what your vision is and we will do our level best to make sure this is possible.

OEM Manufacturing for Global LED Resellers

OEM/ODM manufacturing with LEDLuxor gives you the benefits of trusting your qualified LED wholesale experts, located in the largest LED hub on this planet, to make sure you receive exactly the service and products you are looking for. Our mission is to make yours a reality and our ideology is to understand yours - only then is an OEM or ODM manufacturing relationship of LED lights at its fullest potential.

Please feel free to contact our friendly sales team for further information regarding OEM manufacturing.

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