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Posted by in LED Manufacturing on June 17, 2013 .
OEM Manufacturing from Your Leading LED Lighting Wholesale Supplier

OEM manufacturing for LED lighting products is a business service that LEDLuxor is happy to offer our partners across the globe as it not only helps you to sell our high-quality market-leading LED lighting technology under your company's brand name, but also because it is our primary mission to promote eco-friendly and sustainable energy products.

Working together we'll be able to achieve more!

In trusting your LED experts to provide you with the products and services you deserve, you are...

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Worldwide Market Share of 80% for LED Illumination by Year 2020

The LED lighting market is expected to reach a market share of 80 percent by the year 2020.

LED technology is rapidly gaining in value and preference over traditional lighting methods due to steady cost reductions and constant improvements in LED lighting performance, along with growing knowledge and understanding of the significant benefits of using LED illumination technology.

Former CEO of Phillips Lighting, Ludo Carnotensis, recently stated that 80% market share due to the...

Bright Outlook & Rapid Growth in LED Wholesale Market Demand

As you may already know, massive cost-reductions in packaging and optimization of the LED manufacturing processes are about to significantly improve LED wholesale prices and help LED lighting gain a wide market acceptance in the next years and a strong boost in global industry sales turnover are expected.

Because price reductions benefit the entire supply chain from original manufacturers through wholesale distributors and up to the commercial end-consumer with immediate effect, market...

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Affordable LED Lighting: Cost-Reduction & Optimized Manufacturing

Optimizing LED lighting production processes in order to manufacture more affordable LED illumination technology solutions brings immediate and tangible benefits to all peers in the industry and effectively boosts demand throughout the supply-chain both from wholesale distributors as well as from end-consumers.

This is the reason cost-reduction and process optimization has become a central mission for all leading manufacturers of LED lighting equipment, and all serious LED wholesale...

Chinese LED Manufacturer Plans Record LED Investment in Taiwan

LED manufacturer San’An Optoelectronics has recently announced intentions to make an investment in Formosa Epitaxy of ca. US$80 million and in order to obtain a 19.9% stake.

San’An Optoelectronics Co. Ltd is one of China’s largest LED manufacturers and upstream producer of LED lighting technology, and has recently announced it decision to invest NT$2.33 billion or ca. US$80 million in the Taiwan based company Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi), a Taiwanese manufacturer of LED wafers and producer of...