LED Lighting Investments to Benefit Airports in Germany

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LED Lighting Investments to Brighten Up German Airports

German Airports Benefit from Cost-Saving LED Lighting Systems

As you may know, LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular as an important cost-saving element in more and more large scale infrastructure investments that cover urban city planning and are implemented to generate significant cost-savings for illumination of large buildings and other urban hubs such as airports.

Airports around the world are currently upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting systems in order to improve lighting conditions and operate in a more economical and cost-saving manner.

Recently, a new LED lighting investment project has been introduced at Munich Airport in Germany, where LED lights have been tested in the northeastern parts of the airport in apron lighting systems.

After thoroughly testing the LED technology and its effectiveness, 3,000 more LED lamps are now ready to be installed as apron lighting as well as 10,200 further LED lights for the airport’s outdoor lighting.

The company Ewo has in collaboration with Munich Airport has tested six high-performance LED headlights. These "F32" lights offer a compact way of lighting a large area on the runways. The aim is to convert the older lighting to these efficient LED floodlights on the 34 meter-high runway lighting poles. A variety of optical lenses can be used, for example a special lense system designed for street lighting which ensures optimal lighting for the runway behind the apron, too.

At the end of 2012, Hannover Airport has also taken the initiative to improve the airport’s lighting conditions and has introduced LED headlights on the airport’s forefront.

According to experts, the LED lights not only improve the brightness of the forefront but additionally offers optimal working conditions for those working on the airport’s ground.

Up in the air and inside the cabins, LED lighting is being applied in order to make passengers feel more comfortable, especially when traveling into different time zones:

Boeing has already started to include advanced LED mood lighting in the cabins of the new 787 Dreamliner that is able to dim and increase the light intensity in order to adjust to the sleep rhythms of passengers on transcontinental flights, and several other airliners are about to implement similar technologies in order to help passengers more easily adjust to jet lag and enable a more natural passage.

Advantages of LED technology systems for airports are not only that they produce a stronger and more balanced light but also improve a very color neutral, white light which helps travelers and staff with tasks such as the reading of documents on ground and working on computer screens.

In the long run, LED technology is predicted to help save airports around 46-50% of its energy costs, helping to cut down airport expenditures massively and making an important step for general sustainability:

Munich airport can save about 122,00 KW annually with the introduction of LED lights on its runways and other streets, such as parking lots. Now that's some significant ROI achieved simply by upgrading to LED!

In addition to saving substantial amounts of energy, the LED revolution at airports will make it much easier for lighting systems to be controlled and maintained due to the much longer lifetimes of LED lamps.

With about 50,000 hours of predicted lifetime of these LED lamps, this investment will decrease service needed for airport lighting significantly. It is very likely that airports worldwide will soon convert their lighting systems to LED technologies for reasons of energy costs, sustainability and maintenance advantages.

LED lighting systems are clearly a huge benefit for modern airports, and we at LEDLuxor are looking forward to a bright future where energy-efficient illumination helps reduce carbon footprints, and where advanced LED mood lighting enables passengers to sleep better while travelling long distances.

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