LED Lighting Benefits for Large-Scale Installations

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Benefits of LED for Urban Infrastructure

LED Lighting Wholesale Key for Corporate Social Responsibilities

LED lighting is not slowly, but definitely is surely taking over the lighting market industry worldwide.

Although it may have taken some time initially to overcome things such as price barriers, it is now dominating the industry as more and more private, public and business sectors are upgrading their lighting installations to LED lighting technology to benefit from the both the energy and the cost-saving benefits of LED illumination.

The advantages of LED lighting are vast for all consumers, yet seem to remain underestimated. Not only are LED lights more energy- and cost-efficient and environmentally friendly, but LED technology also promises the highest ROI when compared to its less efficient and less sustainable alternatives.

Until everyone catches on to the financial, environmental and qualitative advantages of upgrading to LED lighting fixtures, many companies have already jumped the LED bandwagon and taken this step towards a greener and more affordable future.

This, of course, comes of no surprise considering the LED lighting technology has major advantages over all other lighting technologies. In addition, the ROI is very high and the LED success rate is so high that customer satisfaction appears to be incredibly high.

The benefits, advantages and positive effects of installing and upgrading to LED lighting technology also plays a large role in a company's corporate social responsibility. As businesses take on the responsibility of a sustainable business model in all aspects, electricity spendings and green energy are at the forefront and as we all know, there is no alternative nearly as environmentally responsible as that of light emitting diodes.

Thus, as companies around the world make the wise decision to upgrade their lighting fixtures to LED, their reports remain very positive, with statements made about huge electricity cost savings, improved employee efficiency and of course the company's contribution to environmental protection. So, overall, the customers are happy and so are the suppliers.

Let's take a closer look at a few highly successful companies who have recently invested in LED lighting:

LED Cost-Savings in Greektown

In 2011, Greektown invested $260,000 to upgrade the lighting system in its over 30,000 square meter casino as well as in all of its 400 hotel rooms. This long-term investment, although a commitment to the capital expense, allowed the company to decrease its energy use by 88 percent.

According to Cleveland Simmons, Greektown's director of engineering, the savings are expected to large in the long term due to the long-lasting lifetime of LED lights. According to Simmons, the staff are able to better focus on customer service rather than spend time fixing or replacing old light bulbs. Using LED technology with an extended lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, no more attention needs to be paid to the lighting once installed. This is a positive development for all sectors of staff and customer relations.

Although federal tax incentives were unavailable to Greektown due to the fact that it is in part a casino, the invested payback took less than two years.

Besides gained staff time and a very high ROI, Greektown is impressed with the quality of the LED lighting. According to Simmons, "the illumination is superior with LED. It is a cleaner light, more crisp … The LED does not generate heat, so our air conditioning costs are lower. It is a major benefit all the way around."

LED Lighting in MGM Grand Detroit

LED lighting installations have played a major role in MGM Grand Detroit's latest developments, too. Just recently, 3,117 LED lamps were employed in its 61-acre parking garage which are now cutting down annual energy expenditures by 80 percent.

President of MGM Grand Detroit stated that "like many of our conservation initiatives, this renovation is a win-win for us and the environment. This project reflects our high regard for the planet, but also ensures that MGM Grand Detroit is meeting our customers' desire to be more environmentally conscious with their meetings, conventions and travel."

According to the president, MGM's  LED retrofit will save as much electricity as is need to power more than 350 homes a year. Now this shows again how significant savings can be generated by the use of LED ligthing technology, and certainly creates a win-win situation that benefits both businesses and the environment.

LED Retrofits Benefit from Large ROI

These examples are presented simply to shed some light on the vast benefits of companies' LED retrofitting projects. With an ROI between one and two years, more and more businesses are taking this step in order to optimize costs and do their part for the environment.

As the population is getting more familiar with the idea, science and concept of LED lighting technology, more large-scale projects are taking place - such as airports, shopping malls, hotels etc.

DTE, a Michigan-based energy provider, explains how this development of company retrofits develops:

"It is more than electricity savings. You have to think in life-cycle capital costs," he said. "An incandescent lamp has expected life of 3,000 to 6,000 hours. Florescent is 8,000 to 12,000 hours. LED is 30,000 to 100,000 hours. Replacement costs add up over the years."

Indeed, especially for businesses that work in retail, where lighting composes up to 50% or even more of the electricity costs, a sustainable lighting model is needed and none other than LED lighting technology has an ROI as high due to increased lifetime and lowered electricity consumption.

LED lighting technology has proudly overcome its initial barriers and has certainly convinced its valued customers of both the reason why it's an important and worthwhile investment to make.

As individuals are hopping on the LED bandwagon, so are major global companies, airports, hotels and many others. It is on these large-scale LED installation projects that the high ROI becomes clearer than ever before - LED lighting definitely technology pays off.

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