LED Light Strips Flexible SMD 5050 Blue: 5 meters per unit

LED Light Strips Flexible SMD 5050 Blue: 5 meters per unit
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LED Light Strip SMD5050 Blue Wholesale by LEDLuxor™

Flexible LED light strips are a great entry into the fascinating world of LED lighting. Easy to use. And yes, truly flexible in application!

Illuminate your surrounding by using today's most innovative and cost efficient LED lighting solutions. LED lighting allows you to save significant amounts every month on your electricity and utilities bills, and can be seen as a true macro-investment that will break even and starting giving your business some great ROI very soon and within a few months time only.

LED lighting is 70%-90% more energy efficient than conventional lighting, and therefore uses a lot less electricity. Added up for a prolonged period of time you'll start to see how big a difference this can actually make for your wallet.

LED illumination is the most eco-friendly form of lightening, and LED lights do not contain any toxic substances such as do many of the other conventional or so-called eco light bulbs on the market today. In fact, many of these conventional eco light-bulbs may contain substances that are very dangerous and harmful both to people and the surrounding.

Be smart and opt for LED instead. Go for the digital lighting revolution and start to use energy saving semiconductors to create stunning mood illumination effects at home or on your commercial premises. Replace your commercial and residential lighting today and start saving serious bucks!

Product Specifications

LED Light Strips SMD 5050 Blue
 Body Material PVC
 Dimensions 5000x10x2.2mm
 Beam Angle 120°, high brightness output without spot and shadow
 Emitting Color Blue
 Lighting Source 5050 SMD LED
 Operating Voltage DC 12V / 24V
 Operating Temperature -25°c to +60°c
 LED Quantity 30/60 LED units per meter
 Working Current 200mA
 Waterproofness IP66 (optional)
 Lifespan 50.000 hours
 Power 7.2W with 30 LEDs/meter 14.4W with 60 LEDs/meter
 Warranty 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty


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Meters per Roll (unit)
5 meters per unit LED light strips supplied in rolls of 5 meters per unit
Lamp Power
7.2W / 14.4W Lamp power of 7.2W for 30x LED per meter, 14.4W for 60x LED per meter
Luminous Flux
540 lumen / 1080 lumen Luminous flux of 540 lumen (30 LED/meter) & 1080 lumen (60 LED/meter)
Operating Voltage
12V / 24V DC Standard Operating Voltage: 12V DC
Beam Angle
120º Lighting beam angle of 120º
Operating Temperature
-25 to +60 degrees Celsius Operating and fully functional in both hot and cold settings
up to 50,000 hours LED lighting is up to 80% more cost-efficient and comes with an amazingly long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.
Emitting Color
Blue Blue color emitting light
24 Months Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty valid for 24 Months
Lighting Source
5050 SMD LED High-performance SMD5050 LED chips
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