LED Light Bulbs Wholesale: Choose the Best LED Bulbs

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LED Light Bulbs Wholesale from LEDLuxor

How to Purchase the Perfect LED Light Bulbs Wholesale by LEDLuxor

Purchasing your LED light bulbs wholesale is a sustainable and cost-saving investment for your future. So let us take a closer look at how you can make sure that you buy the perfect LED light bulbs for yourself or your business and benefit from your buying decision for many years to come.

Because of the high efficiency of LED lighting technologies, LED light bulbs have transformed the lighting culture across the globe. Using up to 80-90% less energy than conventional incandescent lights, it comes of no surprise that LED light bulbs are about to take over the lighting market completely.

Also, and because of the 30 to 35 times longer lifetime spans of LED light bulbs in comparison to incandescent bulbs, it is important to make sure that you consider your requirements and needs when choosing your perfect LED light bulbs to light up your residential or commercial premises and save your operational costs.

When purchasing your LED light bulbs wholesale from our LEDLuxor online store, you should take a minute to reflect upon what exactly it is that you want out of your LED lighting. The LEDLuxor sales team is always there to advise and assist you with your purchase, but it helps to keep different factors in mind though so that you reach a maximum level of satisfaction with your wholesale purchase.

LED Light Bulb Wattage

For one, think about an estimated desired wattage for your LED light. Are you purchasing the light for your commercial premises, your living room, kitchen, your porch or perhaps as a bed-side reading light?

Your usage of the LED light bulb may influence your desired level of brightness. Keep in mind that a 9W LED lamp is equal in brightness output to a 45W conventional incandescent light. Depending on where you decide to place your LED light bulbs, you may need a lower or a higher wattage.

LED Light Bulb Color

Secondly, LED bulbs come in all types of different color shades, from bright white to a more warmer white:

Depending on where you want to install your LED lights, you may decide to go for a specific shade of LED lighting. It is most common to install soft white lights for indoor purposes, whereas bright white lights are often used to illuminate in outdoor settings. The color is measured in Kelvin (K) units, where 2,500-3,000 K refers to a soft white and 4,500-5,000 K is more bright white in color.

LED Light Bulb Base Size

Thirdly, as you would recall from back in the days in which you would purchase incandescent light bulbs, you would want to take into consideration the bulb base size you need. There are several types of screw-in bases for LED light bulbs. From smallest to largest, they are referred to as the Candelabra (E12 North America, E11 in Europe), the Intermediate (E17 North America, E14 in Europe). You'll need to consider the base size you require to make sure you purchase the correct size.

We at LEDLuxor focus on the most commonly used sizes for LED light bulbs - the Medium sized LED lights bulbs E26 for USA and E27 for Europe. The numbers 26 and 27 refer to the base diameters in millimeter, and in countries that use 220–240 volts AC domestic power, the standard-size E27 and small E14 are the most common screw-mount sizes, while in 120-volt North America and 100-volt Japan the standard size for general-purpose lamps is E26 although also E27 can be used is most base sockets.

E26 and E27 are usually interchangeable, and LED E26 light bulbs that are using the universal line-voltage can be used in both E26 and E27 sockets, which is a great convenience for customers in North America and Europe and ensures that you can also take your LED light bulbs with you in case you are moving abroad.

LED Light Bulb Shapes

Further, a variety of different LED bulb shapes are available at LEDLuxor:

In our online LED wholesale shop you will find a large variety of LED lighting solutions, ranging from standard LED light bulbs to LED ceiling lights, LED light strips, LED flashlights, LED spotlights and LED outdoor solutions.

We are adding new products regulary and are looking forward to continuously expand our LED selection.

Our best-selling LED light bulbs come in either round or flame-tip shapes so consider your usage of the lighting as you decide on which to purchase. Of course, we at LEDLuxor are more than happy to further advise you on how to choose your ideal LED light bulb and assist you with your online wholesale purchases.

At LEDLuxor, you will find the perfect LED lighting solution to fulfill your needs. As you help saving the planet and save your dollars, you want to be sure you purchase the perfect bulb for your needs:

In order to do this, remember to consider factors such as wattage, color shade, base size and the shape of your LEDLuxor bulb. Once you have considered these different details, you are ready to purchase your sustainable, efficient and cost-effective LED lighting solution wholesale directly from certified LEDLuxor manufacturers!

Feel free to contact our sales team today for more information and a wholesale quote!

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