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LED Lighting Wholesale Key for Corporate Social Responsibilities

LED lighting is not slowly, but definitely is surely taking over the lighting market industry worldwide.

Although it may have taken some time initially to overcome things such as price barriers, it is now dominating the industry as more and more private, public and business sectors are upgrading their lighting installations to LED lighting technology to benefit from the both the energy and the cost-saving benefits of LED illumination.

The advantages of LED lighting are vast for all...

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Investment Growth for LED Lighting Infrastructure in Middle East

LED lighting technology is at the verge of a vast market opportunity in the Middle East due to large investments into new buildings, public constructions and general infrastructure throughout the region.

Due to an expected GDP increase of 6% between 2013 and 2014 as well as upcoming global and monumental events such as the FIFA World Cup in 2022, infrastructure is at the heart of this growth, requiring investments in green and efficient LED lighting products.

According to the Analysis...

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Energy Efficient LED Streetlights Generate Huge Cost-Savings

LED street lighting is being installed in more and more cities worldwide due to the wide range of benefits of LED lights, especially with regards to drastic energy savings and immense financial benefits. The number of cities across the globe that are investing in retrofitting their current streetlight systems with LED lighting technology grow day by day and research supports the immediate benefits of these investments.

Follow us as we look deeper into the benefits and advantages of replacing...

Bright Outlook & Rapid Growth in LED Wholesale Market Demand

As you may already know, massive cost-reductions in packaging and optimization of the LED manufacturing processes are about to significantly improve LED wholesale prices and help LED lighting gain a wide market acceptance in the next years and a strong boost in global industry sales turnover are expected.

Because price reductions benefit the entire supply chain from original manufacturers through wholesale distributors and up to the commercial end-consumer with immediate effect, market...

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German Airports Benefit from Cost-Saving LED Lighting Systems

As you may know, LED lighting is becoming increasingly popular as an important cost-saving element in more and more large scale infrastructure investments that cover urban city planning and are implemented to generate significant cost-savings for illumination of large buildings and other urban hubs such as airports.

Airports around the world are currently upgrading to energy efficient LED lighting systems in order to improve lighting conditions and operate in a more economical and cost-saving...

Chinese LED Manufacturer Plans Record LED Investment in Taiwan

LED manufacturer San’An Optoelectronics has recently announced intentions to make an investment in Formosa Epitaxy of ca. US$80 million and in order to obtain a 19.9% stake.

San’An Optoelectronics Co. Ltd is one of China’s largest LED manufacturers and upstream producer of LED lighting technology, and has recently announced it decision to invest NT$2.33 billion or ca. US$80 million in the Taiwan based company Formosa Epitaxy (Forepi), a Taiwanese manufacturer of LED wafers and producer of...