LED There be a Lighting Revolution

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Join the LED Lighting Revolution

The LED Lighting Revolution is Happening Right Now - Join Us!

It is no coincidence that the symbol of enlightenment, bright ideas and 'seeing the light' is globally symbolized by a glowing light bulb. This analogy has never been more fitting and appropriate than it is now, with LED technology at the break-through of entirely new dimensions of what lighting is, should be and can do.

As LED lighting technology is referred to these days as the future of lighting technology, a ray of hope for sustainability measures and the most convenient saving methods for consumers aiming to reduce energy spendings, this alone is reason enough for it to increase in popularity.

In addition, the magnitude of the many technological LED innovations hitting the global market these days comes with immense opportunity and predictions of LED lighting technology's future and role on our planet.

Standing right at the tipping and turning point between analog and digital and the gap between costly and saving, hazardous and sustainable, LED lighting technology is only at the beginning of the enormous possibilities that lie within it.

LED Innovations & Possibilities

From LED street lamps that drastically decrease lighting pollution in cities, to special insulating LED blankets for newborns to the recent media-covered innovations in micro-display LED technologies for face-wearable gadgets - the vast opportunities of LED technology are rapidly proving to the world that LED is indeed the future of much more than merely lighting.

In addition to pretty much wiping out older, more traditional and harmful incandescent lighting, LED technology is changing the traditional perception of light in itself. LED technology is more than just light, it represents possibilities, revolution and hope in many sectors regarding savings, safety and sustainability.

LED Investments

As more and more investors of LED technology realize this, so does Randall Sosnick, former counsel of Apple-Genius, Steve Jobs. Now the CEO of NEXT Lighting, he is at the forefront of the T8 LED tube lights revolution, which are the most reliable, energy-saving and affordable replacements for fluorescent tubes on the market - and help consumers save significant percentages on their electricity bills!

What does this tell us?

Judging from previous experiences, he knew where he was putting his energy by 'going Apple':

It comes of no surprise that he now, like so many other investors, turns to LED technology with a sense of confidence and urgency.

Of course, he is no exception. As LED technology improves and becomes more affordable for consumers, the benefits are now growing far beyond the scope of simple replacements for traditional lighting methods and investors are catching on fast. LED technology is expanding to new dimensions of lighting that were not deemed possible or realistic a few years ago.

LED Technology Appeal

For investors, LED technology's track record is reason enough to go down the bright road of LED. Since 2007, for instance, LED big-boy Cree has reported a 150% growth according to Forbes.

Consumers, too, are growing on the LED hype with prices dropping by almost 30% since 2011. With lighting in the US alone representing about 20% of the total energy expenditures, it is clear that the market is huge and consumers are catching on very fast and satisfied with their financial savings and rapid ROI's.

LED technology is currently a U$12.5 billion business and according to predictions by McKinsey, it is expected to evolve into a U$84 billion business by 2020.

The LED train is moving fast and it won't be long before it is found in every aspect of life as we know it and probably in ways we can not even begin to imagine right now. LED technology is the bridge between anolog and digital, lighting and revolution, functionality and possibility.

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