LED Technology Eco-Innovation: Certified by EU Commission

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LED Technology for Cars Certified as Eco-Innovation by EU Commission

Green Light for LED Lighting Technology by EU Commission

As relevant industry media has been reporting, green light is given to LED illumination systems as technology has reached yet another important milestone in development.

An important decision made by the EU Commission earlier this week will help to further increase the appeal of eco-friendly LED lighting technology to investors, consumers and environmentalists worldwide.

The universally accepted fact that LED lighting has significant environmental benefits due to its energy-efficient technology is now being implemented in more and more industrial manufacturing processes.

For consumers, LED light bulbs represent a decrease in expenditures and energy costs. For manufacturers of LED technology products, there is much hope in the combined efforts to reduce CO2 emissions so as to work on a sustainable and green future.

Powerful LED Headlights Glorify Audi's Name by Receiving EU Commissions Approval

Audi became the first car manufacturer to feature full-LED headlights in 2008 and has now received a promising reward for its sustainable designs.

As Audi tests its LED headlight technology on recent car models in comparison with more conventional headlight, the results are promising to the future of LED lighting systems as the EU Commission validates Audi’s LED headlight technology as Eco-Innovation.

This honorable certification granted by the EU Commission supports and acknowledges projects that are environmentally beneficial, innovative and economically viable in the medium to long-term spectrum.

The LED headlight technology seen in Audi vehicles is not only attractive and appealing in its design but is now shown to save you those dollars whilst saving the environment from CO2 emissions.

As Audi is the first car manufacturer to receive an eco-innovation certification, much attention is expected to be given to LED lighting systems of other automobile manufacturers in the near future.

LED Lighting Technology Reduces CO2 Emissions

The LED low-beam headlights on the Audi A6 model were tested for CO2 emissions and energy savings and results revealed that due to the high-tech LED lighting technology, over one gram of CO2 emissions were saved per kilometer.

The data regarding CO2 emissions on these vehicles was compared to conventional halogen lighting units, revealing a significant and substantial difference between the two. According to the research, the difference between the halogen lamps’ CO2 emission versus the LED headlights’ emissions was 135 to 80 watts.

Being the first automobile producer to receive this fuel-efficiency certification from the EU commission, the Audi vehicles reduce CO2 emissions by using less power for headlights than the halogen light bulbs.

By now, the high-tech LED lighting systems are available in six Audi models.

Positive Future for Eco-Friendly LED Lighting Technology

In future, experts expect a high increase in these LED headlight systems as they are energy as well as cost-efficient, therefore increasingly appealing to consumers and policy-makers alike.

LED lighting technology is finding increasingly positive attention as LED lights increase in their innovative applications. Especially for the automobile industry, LED headlights are the most efficient way to date to easily and without effort decrease substantial CO2 emissions whilst ensuring savings on fuel expenditures.

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