LED Lighting Innovation: Highlights of the Year 2012

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LED Innovation in 2012 - 2013

LED Lighting Innovations & LED Production Innovations During 2012

The year 2012 has certainly been an exciting year for the innovation driven LED industry and has brought along with it several new and innovative LED lighting products that have also attracted much consumer attention and generated a lot of general end-consumer awareness for LED illumination on the global markets. 

Wireless LED Light Bulbs

One innovative product that comes to mind when looking back at the year 2012, there's the much talked about E26 / E27 Philips Hue LED Light Bulb of 8.5 watt that is containing 11 colored LED's that can be fine-tuned and controlled via a wireless transmitter that connects to the internet - and by using your mobile phone device and/or a web browser you can easily adjust the up to 50 light bulbs with one wireless gateway unit.

LED Light Hue by PhilipsThis innovative LED light bulb from Philips also has another interesting feature:

It allows you to replicate colors from area of photos you choose, a nice little feature that shows us also what to expect of ambient LED lighting solutions during the upcoming year of 2013:

LED light bulbs that are controllable via wireless and e.g an Android phone app, and that also integrates replications based on user images.

We'll certainly see more of this coming during the next few years, and both residential and commercial LED lighting technology is going to start showing innovative features such as being able to instantly replicate famous settings or scenery's, or reconstruct your lighting settings based on your favorite pictures and images.

Just imagine, with a few clicks being able to set your romantic candle-light dinner in front of your favorite Italian ocean side city with a beautiful distant sunset...

Networking via LED Lights

LED lights used to transfer data and as an optical WLAN that is transmitting data at up to 800 Mbits/s was reported already back in 2011, but it's very likely that we'll see more innovative products where LEDs are being used together with wireless modules to create amazing applications to literally brighten up our daily lives.

In combination with image replication and rendering, a future application of LED is also likely to be as 3D visual projector, which could give a completely new dimension to video conferencing and the ability to tele-port yourself to join in cyber meetings and in virtual 3D meeting rooms for real participants.
Urban LED Lighting Innovations

Urban LED Lighting

Also, it seems sure that we'll see more and more applications for LED lighting both in urban settings such as in public spaces, on various public transportation but also in settings such as for urban farming, where LED lights are already being used for indoor growing of plants and vegetables and also for other industrial lighting purposes.

Ambient LED Mood Lighting

Mood lighting and ambient light control using LED illumination is one of the new upcoming trends for 2013, and we're confident to see more innovative usages of LED mood lighting throughout the next months, such as the advanced LED mood lighting used in the cabin of the new Boing 787 Dreamliner that is able to dim or increase light intensity in order to adjust to the sleep rhythms of passengers on transcontinental flights, or the NASA  testing color-changing LED light system on the ISS to help astronauts sleep.

As also the manufacturing costs for LED lighting are gradually reaching a saturation point we'll see large parts of the global markets segments be ready to embrace LED illumination at a much increased speed throughout the next few years, and as more and more price-efficient LED solutions hit the markets. 

All in all, it's safe to say that the LED lighting industry is looking upon a new and exciting year 2013 that certainly will be rich of innovative and fresh new LED lighting products and useful every-day applications both for personal and commercial usage.

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