LED Global Market Penetration of 50% Expected by 2015

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LED Lighting on Global Markets by 2015

LED lighting soon to replace traditional lighting

LED illumination is a fresh technology branch that is expected to undergo significant growths during the next years, as the advantages of this amazingly clean and energy saving technology becomes more obvious to the general public worldwide and in the every day life and in the form of helpful and money-saving applications.

Because several of the big technology companies invest substantial amounts of funds into research and development of new and innovative LED technology and new LED applications, future innovations in the field of LED lighting are most likely to also affect our every day lives in many more ways today.

As still today most commercial building and industrial premises worldwide are still using conventional lighting bulbs, we’ll see a many innovative advancements in the field of applied LED lighting technology during the next decades to come.

As we see predictions for global LED light bulb prices to to fall by up to 50% by 2017, and general expectations are that during the next few years a tremendous growth of LED lighting applications both for commercial premises as well as as residential usage will lead to double-digit sales figures for LED manufactures.

LED Lighting Solution at AirportLED lighting is expected to replace traditional lighting for commercial usage in modern urban infrastructure settings and city planning, road structures and public hubs such as airports, train stations, exhibition halls, sport stadiums and road lights and any other large scale public areas or commercial premises.

We can also expect many new and exciting applications and usages of LED technology to emerge during the next few years as LED lighting technology and scientific research in this area advances.

Interesting new areas certainly contain solar powered LED lighting solutions that are becoming increasingly popular, as the combination of power saving LED lighting together with high-efficiency solar panels give powerful all-round solutions that can empower small communities and businesses to make substantial savings on their energy bills while at the same time also drastically reducing your ecological footprint.

LED mood lighting leads to better academic performance

Another highly interesting area of research that is certainly going to result in some innovative new LED applications is the so called “LED mood lightening”.

Created by Philips, the Netherlands based electronics company that is also one of the main players in the global LED industry, already more than 20 installations of ambient LED lighting technology and LED mood lighting have been added to classrooms in Germany and the Netherlands.

Mood lighting apparently has some amazing effects, and it seems that it even make kids study better, and as reported e.g by the Guardian Mood lighting used to boost pupils' academic performance at Surrey school and because LED lights or light-emitting diodes, are semiconductors that can be programmed to emit light at very precise wavelengths, colors and tones they make the ideal fundament for advanced mood lighting and advanced ambient light control and illumination technologies.

Traditional light bulbs, the last old relicts of the already fading out vacuum tube era, create light by producing hot gases or hot wires that glow. Naturally, this leaves little room for precise control of the light parameters, and also leads for a great wast of energy that transforms to heat instead of light. LED light bulbs basically do not emit any heat at all and manages to transform most of the energy into light, allowing for a drastic reduction of energy usage which really cuts down on your energy bill.

Greater control over light leads to greater control over the surrounding environment

LED Mood Lights for Ambient Illumination EffectsFor the last decades more and more experiments have shown the importance of light and its effects on biological life as well as on human behavior, and stunning results from leading scientific resources help with the rapid development of energy saving LED lighting technology.

Just recently, Boeing started to include advanced LED mood lighting in the cabins of the new 787 Dreamliner that is able to dim and increase the light intensity in order to adjust to the sleep rhythms of passengers on transcontinental flights.

The hope is that it will help passengers more easily adjust to jet lag and enable a more natural passage.

From over in Eindhoven in the Netherlands, The Nation has currently been reporting about new and innovative LED lighting products that are being developed by Philips, and in one of their articles called Philips diversifies for another 120 years of success they state the following:

“LEDs are not only used for lighting purposes, but also for therapy. Philips has created the Blue Touch Pain Relief Patch that uses blue LED light to bring nitric oxide into the skin to relieve muscle pain. Nitric oxide helps improve blood circulation, thus reducing muscle pain.”

With all these potential new and amazing usages for LED technology on top of the already increasingly rapid growth of widely used commercial lighting applications such as the energy efficient lighting of buildings, offices, hotels, schools, government buildings and areas of public access as well as in the fast growing employment of LED lighting solutions also for residential usage both in the more developed markets of the US and Europe as well as also leveraged by two-digit growth numbers in a number of emerging markets, general market predictions state that LED lighting will have a total market penetration of 50% already in 2015.

LED Light Bulbs to Wholesale Prices Directly from Manufacturers

Currently one of the main factors that affects the rapid growth and development of LED illumination is seen as the relatively high sales prices for LED light bulbs. However it’s safe to say that costs for LED lighting is certainly going to be further reduced during the next years and as LED manufacturing technology advances and innovative new solutions mature and become developed into products.
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