LED Floodlight Wall Washer Light 12W

LED Floodlight Wall Washer Light 12W
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12W LED Floodlight Wall Washer Lights Wholesale by LEDLuxor™

Powerful 12W LED floodlight with twelve extra bright 1W LED light bulbs for high performance.

LED floodlight wall washer with powerful wide angle LED flood light bulbs, ideal for outdoor usage because of it's improved weather resistance. Perfect also for usage in many outdoors applications such as motion sensitive or light sensitive security lighting, and recommended for residential and commercial purposes.

Outdoor LED floodlights have many advantages over traditional incandescent lights. Using LED illumination, you can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 80%, and further LED lights outlast their traditional counterparts with as much as 25-30 times. Light distribution is superior when using LED lighting solutions and LED illumination produced no glare outside the lighted area and thus creates less light pollution. LED's generate little additional heat and are much more eco-friendly than any other traditional lighting, while they allow you to save your money.

Buy your LED outdoor lights wholesale directly from LEDLuxor™ certified OEM manufacturers and benefit from market leading quality to money-saving wholesale conditions.

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Lamp Power
12W Brightness equivalent of a conventional 65-70W light bulb
Luminous Flux
960 lumens warm white 980 lumens neutral white 1000 lumens coo Luminous flux of 960 lumens to 1000 lumens cool white light
Operating Voltage
110-220VDC 50/60Hz Standard Operating Voltage: 110-220VAC 50/60Hz
Beam Angle
120º Lighting beam angle of 120º
Operating Temperature
-20 to +40 degrees Celsius Operating and fully functional in both hot and cold settings
up to 50,000 hours LED lighting is up to 80% more cost-efficient and comes with an amazingly long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.
Emitting Color
warm, neutral, or cool white Light emitting colors warm, neutral & cool white
24 Months Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty valid for 24 Months
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