LED Ceiling Lights 12W Elegance II

LED Ceiling Lights 12W Elegance II
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Elegant 12W LED Ceiling Light Wholesale from LEDLuxor

LED ceiling lights are the most energy-saving and environmentally friendly ceiling light solution on the market today.

This LED ceiling light combines the benefits of energy conservation, cost reduction and high and bright lighting quality, making it a one-time investment for your bank account and our planet. Operating at between only 10W, this LED ceiling light emits up to 720lm, a superior brightness to the vast majority of lighting solutions out there.

In addition, the color temperature of between 2,800K and 6,500K allows room for customization and your personal preferences, depending on the luminous flux of your choice.

At a cutout dimension of Φ96mm consisting of aluminum alloy and frosted glass, this LED ceiling light is subtle, modern and of the highest quality consistency.

This 10W super-saver LED ceiling light contains 18 carefully planted light emitting diode (LED) pieces, carefully planted to ensure an even and balanced lighting effect for your setting.

Choosing this LED ceiling light means receiving up to 50,000 hours of bright light quality and the freedom to feel safe about your spendings and the planet's wellbeing when keeping your lights on either at home,at the office, or in commercial spaces.



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Lamp Power
12W Equivalent brightness of a conventional 60W light bulb
Luminous Flux
1100-1400 lumen Luminous flux of 1100-1400 lumen
Operating Voltage
AC85~265V Standard Operating Voltage: AC85~265V
Color Temperature
3000k, 4000k, 6000k Three main variations of color temperature are available: 2800-3500K warm, 4000-5000K neutral white & 5500-6500K cool white
Beam Angle
15°/30°/45°/60° Adjustable lighting beam angle of 15°/30°/45°/60°
Operating Temperature
-20 to +40 degrees Celsius Operating and fully functional in both hot and cold settings
up to 50,000 hours LED lighting is up to 80% more cost-efficient and comes with an amazingly long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.
24 Months Warranty Manufacturer's Warranty valid for 24 Months
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