Custom Glass Touch Dimmers

Custom Glass Touch Dimmers
Custom Glass Touch Dimmers
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Custom Glass Touch Dimming Panels Wholesale from LEDLuxor

Customized smart touch dimming panels made of glass are ideal LED dimming panels!

Amaze your customers with custom made glass touch panels that can be branded with your logo or design, and that allow smart touch based controlling of lighting, electricity and other smart functions depending on the settings of your premises. Create beautiful designs that match your interior!

Glass touch dimming panels are ideal for commercial and residential purposes, and used frequently as control panel units in hotels and offices, often also with extended functionality such as volume control for radio or TV sets in hotels, or inter-coms in meeting rooms and offices.

This is certainly the new and sophisticated way of controlling your lighting. You can now say goodbye to the old school light switches and welcome a true change in interior design and decoration with superior smart touch dimming panels that are a joy for the eye and match the design of your premises:

Unique panel switches made of glass can be turned on/off or adjusted with the swipe of your fingers!

Just like the iPhone changed the way mobile phones are being used, glass touch dimming panels are changing the way and certainly also the feeling of how light switches are being installed in commercial units and residential housings and customized both in size, color and design to match your concept.

Custom glass touch dimming panels are made according to your design and specifications, and can be supplied in batches of 100 units or more per design that you create for your smart dimming panels.

Contact our sales team now for a detailed wholesale quotation of custom glass touch dimming panels!


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