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LED Lighting Wholesale from LED Manufacturers by LEDLuxor™

LED Wholesale Team by LEDLuxorAbout LEDLuxor™ Illumination Group

LEDLuxor™ Illumination Group is your professional wholesale supplier of quality high-performance LED lighting solutions to corporate customers and businesses worldwide.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, and with a dedicated LED manufacturing site in Shenzhen, LEDLuxor™ is a wholesale distributor & supplier of LED light bulbs, LED spotlights and innovative LED outdoor illumination solutions to market leading conditions & factory-direct from manufacturers.

Since 2008, when the first cooperation regarding setup of a LED manufacturing plant by LEDLuxor and it's Mainland-based LED manufacturing entity came online and soon started mass-production of LED lighting equipment, wholesale of LED light bulbs, LED spotlights and other LED illumination fixtures to customers worldwide has been our core business.

Looking back at many years of holding an upstream supply position within the LED manufacturing industry, and based with many years of professional LED wholesale and supply-chain management experience in the upstream LED trade, LEDLuxor™ is your LED wholesale solution provider that combines premium service, guaranteed quality performance and streamlined supply-chain operations that ensure precise delivery on time.

LEDLuxor Lighting LED Wholesale Group Our Mission - Help Saving the Planet

You should have realized by now that when it comes to green renewable energy we all sit in the same boat, or in this case on the same planet. Our mission is to empower customers worldwide with the full advantages of cost-saving LED illumination, and enable them to benefit from the intelligent green LED revolution that is happening in the world right now.

It is our firm belief that modern LED technology together with the digitalization of light is about the change the faith of mankind, and we want to be part of changing the world to a better place and make more people benefit from technological advances and ecologically sustainable LED lighting solutions.

Your Benefits - Premium High-Qulity LED Lighting Products

You as our customer can rest assured that LEDLuxor™ is constantly striving to improve LED manufacturing processes, increase efficiency and reduce manufacturing costs and in order to be able to offer highly competitive LED lighting to amazing wholesale conditions and via our dedicated LED online shop for corporate customers.

You benefit from our many years of professional experience within the LED industry and our constant efforts to provide our customers with more value and successfully position us as premium wholesale suppliers of quality LED lighting to best possible conditions.

You purchase your LED lighting fixtures, LED light bulbs and LED spotlights directly from a certified LED manufacturer when you buy LED illumination equipment online from the LEDLuxor™ wholesale LED shop, and thereby you cut out the middle-man and buy directly from the LED manufacturer.

Because of this you can further reduce your initial purchase costs for LED lighting even more and ensure a truely amazing ROI on your investment in LED lighting:

LED lighting technology helps you to significantly reduce electricity costs and thereby help you save money - significant amounts of money - so purchasing LED lighting solutions are an investments that help you improve your energy efficiency and gives you a tangible cost-saving on your monthly electricity and utilities bill.

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