5 Reasons to Upgrade to LED Lighting Now

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Reasons to Upgrade to LED

Top 5 Reasons to Upgrade Your Illumination to LED Lighting

LED lighting technology has taken a prominent role in both science and technology news over the past years due to the immense benefits for both the environment and end-consumers of illumination products.

With a global movement to create a more sustainable lighting solution, LED lighting is taking the lead in the lighting market with exponential growth in private and public sector lighting installments.

With prices for LED lighting installments dropping consistently, more and more businesses, institutions and public sectors are seeing the large array of benefits of the superior LED lights with convincingly high ROIs.

Besides the clear environmental benefits of this green lighting technology, extensive scientific research has proven several major advantages of LED lighting technology not only for savings and cost-reductions but also for health benefits and safety reasons.

Let's take a look at the top 5 reasons you should upgrade to LED technology now:

1. Superior Visibility

Firstly, LED lighting technology has led to better visibility due to its natural, white lighting possibilities. Whereas alternative, more outdated lighting options provide a more dim and yellow light, LED provides a crisp and clear white light imitating natural daylight.

The benefits of this clear white light is consistently seen in traffic, where LED headlights and LED streetlights prove to induce superior visibility for drivers and pedestrians alike.

Not only does LED lighting effectively keep the clear vision of daylight present at night but it also eliminates the glare of oncoming traffic.

The enhanced visibility is also proven in indoor settings, where studies show that LED lighting produces a healthier light for the eye. For more details on this topic, have a look at our previous post about how LED Mood Lighting Increases Well-Being, Mood & Health.

Additionally, LED lights do not flicker as other lighting technologies do and thereby prevent side effects such as headaches, eye discomfort and eye strain, leading to increased visual capabilities.

2. Enhanced Cognitive Performance & Alertness

Secondly, LED lighting enhances cognitive performance and alertness in both indoor and outdoor settings. As biological studies show repeatedly, our body’s internal clock known as the circadian rhythm is linked to the cycle of day and night due to the color temperatures that the different times provide.

Therefore, human beings subconsciously interpret certain lighting colors with nighttime in which we are programmed to sleep. This is a major issue for incandescent lights and halogen lighting as this type of lighting decreases alertness, leads to decreased vision and enhances fatigue.

LED lighting, on the other hand, provides the user with a light that resembles natural daylight, therefore supporting your circadian rhythm to interpret the light as daytime and thus leading to enhanced alertness and higher levels of concentration and cognitive performance.

This benefit is particularly important for winter months indoors as well as night-time driving and institutions where cognitive performance is of crucial importance, such as hospitals, schools and businesses.

3. Increased Safety

Although the above-mentioned benefits of LED lights already imply increased safety of LED lighting technology in contrast to alternative lighting methods, there are plenty more reasons why LED is safer than any other lighting technology.

For one, LED lighting is free of UV emissions and thus pose no threat of premature aging, skin cancer or headaches as CFLs do. LED lighting can be utilized in close proximity applications without any discomforts to eyes or skin and are completely free of UV-emission related health issues.

Secondly, LED lights are entirely free of mercury in contrast to other lighting sources:

This extremely dangerous and toxic substance is contained in both incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs, posing threats to personal and public health. As LED lighting is free from this element completely, a significant health risk is eliminated.

4. Elevating Mood

In contrast to fluorescent lighting technologies, LED lights are silent and safe lighting solutions. Research has shown that the humming sound emitted by fluorescent light causes noise pollution, which lead to irritations, fatigue, attention deficits and mood disturbances. Although the sound may sometimes go unnoticed, the effects are proven to be very disturbing to personal health.

LED technology, on the other hand, is absolutely silent while offering a full spectrum of clear and crisp natural light - for up to 50,000 hours!

5. Superior Savings

Last but not least, another significant benefit of LED lighting is of course its significant financial advantage over other lighting sources. With a lifetime of up to 50,000 hours, LED lights are market-leading energy savers with benefits for both your wallet and of course the environment.

LED lighting’s unmatched durability and longevity outlive any other lighting technologies to this date and thus have the highest ROI in the history of lighting technologies. This is to say that if you keep your LED light on for 8h daily, you will not need to switch your light for 20 years!

The list of benefits of LED lighting goes on but these are some of the reasons LED lighting has taken over the global lighting market by storm over the past years, due to its significant health, safety, environmental and economical reasons.

Join the LED revolution and upgrade to LED lighting now!

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